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 Watchmen (Adaptation of Alan Moore's Graphic Novel)

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PostSubject: Watchmen (Adaptation of Alan Moore's Graphic Novel)   Thu Mar 12, 2009 4:45 pm

Okie dokie, who's seen it?

I thought it was so frickin' good, it's just insane.

However I think a chick wrote it though, because there was much penis to be see (heh)--and the movie goes right after people who disrespect women, controlling men, racists, homophobes, etc.

The actors were also really well cast. Everyone was very present and in-character the entire film.

I'm also going to see it again tomorrow night. I am so getting the DVD when it comes out (I'm guessing around christmas time.)
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PostSubject: Re: Watchmen (Adaptation of Alan Moore's Graphic Novel)   Fri Mar 13, 2009 12:00 am

Actually, it was written by Alan Moore, a genius who also wrote V for Vendetta. Doctor Manhatton is just naked the whole time to show his loss of humanity. He doesn't relate to them anymore, he's not one of them anymore. :p

No, but seriously, if you liked the movie, you have to read the novel! If you thought the movie was deep.. you haven't seen anything yet. The novel has many subplots and, at the end, they all come together in such a genius way. Every small part in the book is necessary and adds to the novel as a whole. Also, the questions it poses are so deep. I find myself just thinking about them constantly, trying to get a better understanding of my own views.

I relate most to Adrian Veidt and the Comedian on their opinions of humankind and the world. Also, I relate a lot to Doctor Manhatton and his aspect that if the world were to end, the universe would not even notice. We are so insignificant and yet we think we are such important people. We think that we have to make money, that's our lives in so many ways. For example, on Black Tuesday, people killed themselves when they lost all that money. What does that say about humans?

When I asked that question to a friend of mine, she said "We are turning into animals." But far from it! We are going in the opposite direction, not animals. Animals don't give a shiz about the material world. The ultimate question is.. what has happened to us? People can't even think for themselves anymore, they follow the media too closely and are influenced by it too greatly. We work for money, not for the common good. Money defines us and yet.. oh wait, wow, this is a Watchmen thread.

Erm, but I do think the world is somewhat of a joke.. and once you see that, there's no turning from that. You can't just cover it up again (the Comedian said this in the novel, I don't remember if he said it in the book or not).

And then all of Ozzy's views are just epicly awesome. Same friend said they were ridiculous because a utopian world is impossible. But one of the reasons it is impossible is because of outside influences. If everyone is united.. there is no outside influences. Could it work? And how much would you sacrifice to reach this ultimate united world, thus creating a utopia?

Another question you all should ponder (this was in the novel, not in the movie): "What does fighting crime mean, exactly? Does it mean upholding the law when a woman shoplifts to feed her children, or does it mean struggling to uncover the ones who, quite legally, have brought about her poverty?" - Adrian Veidt


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Watchmen (Adaptation of Alan Moore's Graphic Novel)
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